S.O.A.R Outreach, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Wake County, NC.

The mission of SOAR Outreach is to provide low-income and homeless youth in Wake County improved opportunities to excel in their education by ensuring that all children in our schools have equal access to basic personal care and hygiene items. We aim to empower all kids, provide equal opportunities for kids regardless of income, decrease bullying in our schools, and increase classroom successes in our most vulnerable population of kids.

There is an overwhelming need in Wake County, North Carolina of children that are homeless or resides in low income household. It is well known that a lack of food or health care can affect a child’s education. But another critical need is proper hygiene. Children with poor hygiene are prone to sickness, come social outcasts which affects their self-esteem, ability to concentrate on lessons, and their desire to come to school.

Our goal is to further close the gap between opportunity and achievement for our students through providing basic hygiene products to Title I schools in Wake County, NC and schools that have the highest percentage of students on the free or reduced lunch program.