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PASOC – The Social Service Organization For the Children’s Education Why did the government create the Social Service Organization? Why is the government not involved in funding it directly? Where does the money for this organization come from? And why is the government not spending the money it collects on the welfare of children? The State of Texas, for example, is a big supporter of the PASOC. The reason why is because it helps them keep the economy going. As we sit and watch our government hurt its own citizens with welfare reform, we should be asking the government to fund the PASOC directly. Our politicians won’t do it because they will be accused of stealing from the people. There are many people who support PASOC to help the children and their parents. Think about it; let the society’s welfare benefit them and not the child. How can this possibly be true? How can you look at the mothers that take advantage of the State’s welfare system and turn your back on them when they need the services the most? It is our right as Americans to have a society that is truly for the children and that also helps the mother and father.

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