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Youth Hygiene Kit For the Homeless Children Are you a parent or teacher and would like to get involved in the Youth Hygiene Kit Project? It is a great project for any non-profit that provides all of the funding needed for the kits to be made. You can donate money, donate time, or volunteer your time to be a part of this amazing project. It is a great way to make a difference for the less fortunate. We must remember that most of these children will grow up into adults who do not have enough money for clothing or shelter in their day to day lives. They are constantly running from store to store looking for the low-priced, high quality clothes that they need to survive. A Youth Hygiene Kit will supply them with the basic necessities that they need in order to be able to live on the streets and avoid being victimized by others, such as the Homeless Children and families. Their parents have fallen on hard times and they have nowhere else to turn to find the clothing or the groceries that they need in order to survive in their own community. If we all donated just $10 each then we would save many thousands of dollars that could be used for clothing, shelter, food, transportation, and food for the children. This would truly make a big difference in the lives of the less fortunate.
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