Hosting a Hygiene Drive

Host a Hygiene Donation Drive


At school, camp, place of worship, a local business, employment, or in your neighborhood

All year long

Whose Help Is Required:
Class, Troop, or other group of like-minded adults or children (some adult involvement may be required to help with planning and dropping off collected items)

How It Makes A Difference:

Many Homeless and Low-Income youth lack hygiene items due to affordability. This means they need everything from soap to toothpaste to new socks. By providing hygiene items and/or additional resources for our youth, you will be assisting them with equal access to basic personal care and hygiene items, ensuring all youth feel empowered and confident, and providing improved opportunities so they can focus on and excel in their education.

Many Homeless and Low-Income youth lack hygiene items due to affordability. This means they need everything from soap to toothpaste to new socks. Educate your peers and your community members about what we do here at SOAR Outreach as you collect much needed hygiene items for Wake County youth. The drive can be as simple as holding a “Toothpaste Tuesday” or “Shampoo Sunday” collection or collecting items on SOAR Outreach Amazon Wish List: HERE

Items Needed:
A list of talking points-Which SOAR Outreach will provide-so you can tell others about who we are, what we do, and how their donations will help the homeless
Poster Board and markers to make signs OR paper and a printer, if making them on computer
Boxes or storage bins for collecting items

Special Requirements

Decide when and where to host your hygiene drive and follow the instructions provided. For questions or to schedule a time to drop off our location, contact us at 919-651-4397 or

Add Hygiene Drive Flyer here so people can access-sent in a separate email to you

Sound like Fun? View Instructions to get Started.

Decide what you will collect. This could be as simple as one item lik shampoo or toothpaste, or it could be all the makings of a hygiene kit. If you struggling for ideas, check out SOAR Outreach Amazon Wish list or send an email at
Find bins or boxes in which to collect your donations and make signs for the boxes indicating what you are collecting and the timeframe. Also not that SOAR Outreach and Wake County youth will be lucky recipients of the donations.
Make general flyers and signs letting people know you are hosting a donation drive and where items can be dropped off. Post around your town/neighborhood/school/job/church for people to see. (We recommended at least 2 weeks of advertising before beginning your drive and that you run the drive itself for at least 2-4 weeks.) You may also want to share news of drive via email, social media, etc. Be sure to ask family & friends to help spread the word!
Periodically check your collection boxes and clean out, as necessary. At the end of the drive, collect the boxes, remove the signs, adn organize the donations by item.
Please call us at 919-651-4397 or by email, info@soaroutreach to schedule a drop of time.