Wake County Public School System average daily membership (2017-18 ) 160,429 students and 50,886 on free and reduced-price lunch program.

Source: Wake County Public School System, 2017


  • One in five North Carolinians live in poverty. One in four North Carolina children live in poverty, and more than one in ten live in extreme poverty.

  • Children are disproportionately affected by poverty. Data from 2014 shows:

    • 0-5 age group: 27% in poverty

    • 6-17 age group: 23% in poverty 

Source: Public Schools First NC

In the Wake school system, 3,465 students were considered homeless during the 2016-17 school year

Source: The News and Observer


Homeless children:

  • Get sick four times as much as other children;

  • Experience three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems;

  • Have twice the levels of learning disabilities;

  • Are four times as likely to show delayed development;

Source: National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth

  • 9.1% of the population lives below the federal poverty threshold.  The percent of the population below the federal poverty line indicates the financial resources of its citizens, and the ability of citizens to meet basic needs, like food, housing, education, transportation, and medical expenses. 

  • 14 percent of the county's children live in poverty

Source: Wake County Data and Indy Week




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