Apply for Scholarship Program

Application Process

Individuals interested in attending classes will need to complete the
following steps:
1. Request an application – Request an application using the
form below. Once the form has been submitted, please
immediately check your email for the application form (a
link in an email message). If you do not see it, please check
your Trash/Spam folders. If you still do not see the email,
complete the request form again, being sure you have
entered your email address correctly.
2. Complete the application – Follow the link in the email to
complete the application form. Submit it by the deadline in
order to have a good chance of being accepted.
3. WATCH FOR RESULTS – we will notify applicants on the date
listed below if they have or have not been accepted.
● IF ACCEPTED – in order to be enrolled in the class, you will
be required to:
● Complete a registration form – the link will be
emailed to you with your acceptance notification
● Attend Program Orientation – the link to register and
join orientation will be in the acceptance email also.

You are required to attend the Program Orientation
if you have never taken a class with us before.
● IF NOT ACCEPTED – We will try to provide details as
to the reason you were not accepted AND share
helpful links/suggestions of other programs that
may be beneficial to you.


To apply for an Information Technology Scholarship for classes:

1. Complete the below information including your email address.

2. After submitting the form, check your email or the link to the application.

This process verifies your email address.